Porter Cable PCMVC 18V NiCd Battery Charger Review

Porter Cable PCMVC 18V NiCd Battery Charger

There are good reasons why plenty of people make use of battery chargers for their rechargeable batteries and secondary cells.

Battery chargers are a convenient way to make sure that your batteries will not lose their juice at the most crucial of times. It is a practical invention and many have taken advantage of its benefits. Want more information about battery chargers? Here is what we have to say about the Porter Cable PCMVC 18V NiCd Battery Charger.

Features of the Porter Cable PCMVC 18V NiCd Battery Charger

  • Designed to charge Porter Cable 18V NiCd batteries
  • Allows for fast charging in under 60 minutes for listed battery type
  • Requires 120V 60Hz input power
  • Comes with regular 2-prong USA plug


Having a Porter Cable PCMVC for your Porter Cable 18V NiCd batteries is convenient and practical. The battery charger will be able to replenish all that power lost in a fast and easy manner.

There are advantages when it comes to using chargers. Battery chargers are available in a good range of designs that are progressing at a steady rate, making them more convenient items at this age. They are dependable, always user-friendly and hard wearing.

There are battery chargers that can charge several kinds of batteries, which is another convenient feature. However, this model only accommodates Porter Cable NiCd 18Vs; if you do have those items, having the right charger at home, at work, or while traveling is always a huge plus.

Your batteries will be guaranteed to have peak performance each time even if the Low Battery stage comes into the picture. Using batteries that can be recharged is also friendlier to the environment since it generates less waste, they can be used for a good number of times thanks to the charger. Having a charger around will also mean you will use less energy since using the item is more energy-efficient compared to the overall expense of creating new batteries.

Now instead of going to store purchasing backups of batteries so you will not run out of the item, consider the amount of time you would be capable of saving by having rechargeable batteries and a suitable charger around, which can be used anytime you need.

All you have to do is just make use of the fully-replenished batteries on a particular device and position the dead batteries on the charger. With this Porter Cable charger, you can replenish dead batteries in as little as an hour.

You will save up on battery purchase and you won’t have to go running to the store as well just to get a new stock. It’s fast and convenient, the battery charger is a must for any homeowner.

You will have to spend money on your charger investment, but you have to think about owning a charger in a long-term scenario. Batteries that can be charged again and again are capable of being utilized for hundreds of times before requiring replacements. So you see, this nifty unit is a good investment to make, especially if you have gadgets at home which need to be on the whole time.

The Porter Cable PCMVC model works as it promises. It’s capable of charging dead batteries within 3 hours of time. This one is made from prime, durable materials as well. You can see and the solid construction of the timer and you can trust the charger to tolerate heavy usage and even a few drops.

While the initial costs of a battery charger can dent your wallet, there are affordable ones that do work. As mentioned earlier, you have to think of long-term usage and do some number crunching on the amount of money you are going to save vs. buying new ones from the store.

This is money spent well. Apart from the obvious convenience and eco-conscious factor or chargers and rechargeable batteries, using this over the course of time will save hundreds of dollars annually.


The Porter Cable PCMVC 18V NiCd Battery Charger worked perfectly with the suitable battery from the company. However, one drawback of this product is that it can only accommodate 18V NiCd batteries from the company itself. This means that it will not be able to take in other NiCd batteries with 18V. But if you only depend on items from this manufacturer, having this charger around is worth the initial investment.


The Porter Cable PCMVC 18V NiCd Battery Charger is a great product if you own said batteries from the company. It makes for a faster and convenient means to replenish dead batteries without all the hassles of buying a fresh supply. You will always have power on hand for your electrical units.

You may have to spend a bit of course, but if you look at it in the long run, you can save time and money just by having rechargeable batteries with a suitable charger. A great investment to have at home, this one is recommended for individuals who use Porter Cable 18V NiCd batteries.