Milwaukee 48-59-1807 M18 & M12 Rapid Charge Station Review

Milwaukee 48-59-1807 M18 M12 Rapid Charge Station Review

Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are considered as some of the best in the industry.

If you want to extend the life of your batteries, it is a must that you make use of a charger that is perfectly compatible with them. You may have wondered if there are available chargers that can get the job done on multiple batteries.

You do not have to look further; these days, chargers that have the ability to charge several batteries at once are now fully available. Choosing such a model will require even more careful deliberation, though. Then again, it is wiser if you invest on one that is completely compatible with the battery packs you own.

If you want more information about this kind of charger, the Milwaukee 48-59-1807 M18 & M12 Rapid Charge Station is one example of this and this article will explain how this particular item works.

Features of the Milwaukee 48-59-1807 M18 & M12 Rapid Charge Station

  • Can charge 3 batteries at once
  • Capable of charging every battery up to 40 percent quicker
  • Accommodates up to 3 M18 and 3 M12 battery packs
  • Has Redlink intelligence, which means it corresponds with battery packs to guarantee optimal functionality and a longer lifespan
  • Has pass-through plug
  • Includes built-in hang holes


The Milwaukee 48-59-1807 is perfectly capable of accommodating 3 batteries all at once still have 3 more slots available in the other channel. This means that it can load up to 6 batteries and can charge 3 at a time. For those who own Milwaukee M12 and M18 battery models, you have to snap up this helpful product and avail yourself of its benefits.

Apart from accommodating such a high number of batteries, the product merges together M12 and M18 charging. This is an excellent design concept since the majority of Milwaukee tool users are now able to make use of a combo of those items for the capacities it can perform.

The company often made a great effort in joining M12 and M18 multi-voltage chargers with the majority of tools from the M18 range. However, this model maximizes all of the company’s efforts into one neat package.

The charger does its job of charging 3 batteries at once by replenishing in the sequence the items were positioned, one for each set of M12 or M18. Following the charge of the first battery, the next one will be tackled. In this fashion, users can arrange up to 6 batteries simultaneously and allow them to be charged completely.

Furthermore, with the capability of charging 3 batteries altogether, the product charges every battery 40 percent quicker as it claimed due to the inclusion of the company’s Rapid Charge technology.

Because the unit has Milwaukee’s copyrighted Redlink intelligence supervision, the product gets in touch with the battery pack to guarantee that the charging is correct. The status of the temperature is closely checked and the lifespan of every battery is lengthened for better performance.

The inclusion of a pass-through plug also indicates that users will not waste an outlet whenever they plug batteries in the charger. For users who want to utilize the product in smaller locations or have restricted power access, this will do them plenty of good.

The 48-59-1807 works fast and it has the capability to charge from a single down to 3 battery packs for roughly 37 minutes. Because the charger services 3 batteries simultaneously, that period is similar regardless you are replenishing a lone battery pack or more than one all at the same time. On any charger from the same company, the packs usually take around 60 minutes to accomplish the task.

The company has referred to this product as their fastest charging station, and it appears to be the case in this unit. This is recommended for users who utilize a number of batteries and this will also benefit work sites. For those who want the convenience of an M12 and M18 charger in just one package, this is the product you should invest in.


The 48-59-1807 at the moment did not display any drawbacks of some sort. This is ideal for consumers who want a charger that can accommodate both M12 and M18 tools. However, if you only need something for your M12 tools, you will not really need a charger that can do both items at once. Just opt for a product that is designed to accommodate said tool.


It is good to say that the Milwaukee 48-59-1807 M18 & M12 Rapid Charge Station gets the job done. The product is recommended for individuals who own both M12 and M18 tools—you can save up by investing on a charger that can take in both, plus it also gets rid the lost time acquired by replenishing dead batteries. This is the most convenient unit you can try out if you are managing both the M12 and M18 platforms. Do take the time to check this one out.