Makita DC18RD Rapid Optimum Charger Review

Makita DC18RD Rapid Optimum Charger

The battery charger is now considered an integral part of our everyday life. It gives power back to batteries that, in turn, allow our electronic devices to work.

This particular unit provides for lots of conveniences and also helps us save money from buying additional batteries. It is always recommended that consumers should invest in a charger that is compatible with the devices they use daily.

That way, the recharging will be done safely and will also help lengthen and maintain the lifespan and good service of the battery. If you want more information about chargers, let us provide assistance by giving a review of the Makita DC18RD Rapid Optimum Charger.

Features of the Makita DC18RD Rapid Optimum Charger

  • Can charge batteries in as little as short as 45 minutes
  • Includes built-in fan that circulates air throughout the battery during the recharge
  • Comes with built-in USB port for recharging portable units
  • Helps optimize battery life by managing temperature, voltage and current


If you currently deal with lithium ion batteries, then you are in luck – a charger like the Makita DC18RD will do good service on those items. Compared to lead acid batteries, lithium ion ones do not require an absorption period to pick up the remaining percentage that is kept in the battery.

Powerful chargers like the DC18RD are capable of charging this kind of battery quickly. However, if you do not accomplish a complete recharge frequently, it will not damage a lithium ion battery.

Because of this, users of this certain battery are provided with plenty of versatility to tap into power resources if needed without having to deal with a complete charge daily. With lithium batteries, users can charge anytime they want and not worry about leaving the batteries charged partially. Users have to keep in mind though not to store the item in a discharged condition.

As soon as the battery becomes drained, it is advised that you recharge it as soon as possible to prevent problems from cropping up in the future. You will get more cycles if you do not charge it completely—lithium ion ones work best when it is between 20-80 percent replenished.

Whenever the battery is less than 80 percent, it will harbor more charge voltage input. This is what chargers like the DC18RD does—provide it more voltage input. When the battery acquires 80 percent power, the charger then changes into a lower voltage which means half of the charging time is the concluding 20 percent of power. To use battery lifetime to the fullest extent, users must draw off the charger prior to completion of the process.

The Makita charger features a lights-on signifier meant to show that the battery has spread to 80% completion. As you see both of the lights are on constantly, you have to pull the battery. This is an essential component of the DC18RD and if you use it properly, you can lengthen the service of your lithium ion battery packs. The charger provides significant benefits for Makita 18V lithium ion cordless device users.

The unit can charge two batteries at the same time and provide users excellent charging efficiency so the batteries will be used instead of being left on the charger.

It comes with a built-in fan that cools down the battery by pushing air throughout the vents of the battery over the course of the charging procedure. This optimizes the lifespan of the battery by aggressively managing the temperature, voltage, and current.

This leads to an enhanced charging period—users can charge 18V lithium ion 2.0Ah batteries in 25 minutes, 2 18V LXT lithium ion 5.0Ah in 45 minutes and so forth. The charger also features a 1.5A USB port for charging tablets and phones.


The Makita DC18RD gives key advantages to users of 18V devices. However, it did display some design drawbacks. For one thing, it does not have any keyhole or wall mounts. This can be improved on, and hopefully the company decides to include those particular parts soon.


If you are a constant user of Makita devices utilizing 18V, then you have to check out the Makita DC18RD Rapid Optimum Charger.

This is a charger with features that will not only take care of your battery’s quality, it will also help improve and retain it. You will now have batteries with a longer lifespan and service. The inclusion of a built-in fan sustains proper current, temperature, and voltage, factors that can help keep battery packs in optimum functionality.

This is done due to the ability of the unit to correspond with the built-in chip included inside during the charging process. Other than that, the unit has the capability to provide faster charging periods for its batteries, no matter what type.