GERIT BATT Replace Makita DC18RC Charger Review

GERIT BATT Replace Makita DC18RC Charger

Our electronic gadgets from smartphones to laptops need to perform all the time. There is nothing more annoying than having a dead battery while trying to accomplish work or school.

Lucky for consumers, technology has been kind; because of these advancements, we now have battery chargers that can give power to dead batteries.

A charger is a tool used to reload rechargeable batteries used for electronic devices whenever needed. Here is what you have to know about the GERIT BATT Replace Makita DC18RC Chargerand the advantages of chargers.

Features of the GERIT BATT Replace Makita DC18RC Charger

  • Designed to charge Makita lithium ion batteries from 14.4V-18V
  • Can charge 3.0Ah LXT batteries in as little as 30 minutes and 1.5Ah batteries within 15 minutes
  • Includes integrated fan to cool battery and save its life
  • Has integrated circuit protection against short circuit, overheating, and overloading
  • Comes with detection function for damaged batteries
  • Tested by professional quality supervisors prior to shipment
  • Comes with built-in microchip to prevent overcharging
  • Backed by 30-day money back, 1-year warranty


Battery chargers like the Gerit Batt DC18RC give the foundation for batteries that have sufficient strength and operate in an efficient manner. The battery and the charger should work well together, which is why plenty of companies often make chargers for their own line of rechargeable batteries.

Chargers have lots of benefits. It is a convenient unit to have if you do not have electricity or any access to an electrical outlet. An external battery charger is important and it can serve as a backup to individuals who are often hiking or traveling.

Chargers are high-powered and can charge fast. The DC18RC can in fact charge batteries in a quicker fashion compared to its counterparts, depending on the kind of battery. It can quickly charge batteries yet still be capable of giving it a complete charge. Chargers are also recognized by means of their charging speed.

They perform well when utilized as instructed. Chargers that are lithium-based like this model work on constant current voltage. The charge current for it is identified as constant and the voltage is topped as soon as it stretches to a set perimeter.

Upon extending to that voltage limit, the battery then begins to overload and the current drops till the battery cannot attempt a further charge and the fast charge is stopped. Keep in mind that every battery features its own low current threshold.

Lithium-ion batteries have fewer losses over the course of charging, which is another benefit. Out of all the chargers being sold today, the lithium ion kind is the easiest to use and most utilitarian. It does not offer any special tricks that claim to enhance the performance of batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are found in the majority of cell phones and laptops since this kind of battery is safe to charge every day.

While it does not have any fundamental influence to the memory, users still have to let the battery indicate discharge prior to recharging it completely. It is not required to completely drain the battery. As a fact, lithium-ion batteries are not one for being significantly discharged.

The DC18RC is made of high-quality materials and is a great capacity charger for batteries to have a longer operational time. It offers convenient use; the product is composed of top-rate cells that are safe for daily charging.

It also comes with a fast-charge technology, is a hundred percent compatible with OEM devices and batteries, and is even faster than the chargers made by Makita for their batteries. The unit even comes with a chime at the end so it can remind users that charging is done. All in all, a great charger to have around.


This is only a trivial thing, but getting the battery into the charger requires a bit of effort—you have to wiggle the item into it first.


The GERIT BATT Replace Makita DC18RC Charger is a trusty charger for your 14.4V-18V Makita batteries. In case you need something that charges faster, this is something that you might be interested in buying.

Give this product a try—this is a hard, fast worker and has features that will take care not to harm the battery while charging. There are no instances of overcharging and depleting the battery’s quality while using this particular charger.

Chargers are a great investment, and while the initial cost might obligate you to shell out a few bucks, just think of the long-term benefits. The unit will provide not only convenience but a whole lot of good, from battery savings to having sufficient power for your electrical units all the time.

There are also affordable chargers out there that work decently and have models that can accommodate all kinds of batteries and sizes. Do not give too much thought and inquiry whether you need a charger for your batteries. In fact, you need them right about now because it has benefits that you will want to take advantage of.