BLACK+DECKER LCS36 Maximum Fast Charger Review

BLACK DECKER LCS36 Maximum Fast Charger

Chargers offer many benefits, including allowing consumers to save money when it comes to batteries. There are different kinds of rechargeable batteries being sold, and the same goes for chargers.

Buying rechargeable batteries together with a suitable charger guarantees that your gadgets and other electrical devices will always have power.  If you want to understand what chargers do, you can check out all the information about the BLACK+DECKER LCS36 Maximum Fast Charger.

Features of the BLACK+DECKER LCS36 Maximum Fast Charger

  • Suits Black and Decker 36V-40V max lithium ion units
  • Comes with charge indicator light
  • Can charge batteries in under 2 hours


A battery charger is now an essential unit, found in a lot of households. Having a charger like the BLACK+DECKER LCS36 for a company’s batteries gives homeowners a suitable charging device for their Black & Decker batteries, which means it will not be susceptible to damage if used with the right instructions. Chargers also include environmental advantages because rechargeable batteries are given a longer lifespan.

Batteries from Black & Decker need a particular charger so purchasing a charger from the same company guarantees that the batteries will fit properly and fit into the device.

This is crucial since it means that a correct connection will be sustained at all times. A solid and tight connection is needed in order for batteries to acquire a full charge and it restricts any bumps in the charging period that might lead to a diminished lifespan.

There are also money-saving benefits that you can acquire from using rechargeable batteries for Black & Decker items. Buying an appropriate charger for the battery facilitates consumers to save money on the product.

When purchased together, rechargeable batteries and chargers usually cost less compared to buying those items individually. Furthermore, since the batteries are compatible with the charger, consumers can acquire the maximum value for their money by lengthening the lifespan to its maximum capacity.

Rechargeable batteries are in fact more environmentally sound compared to disposable ones. These units can be recharged plenty of times and they last for a while as well so you will have fewer batteries to contribute to the landfill. Purchasing a suitable battery for your Black & Decker helps the planet since the batteries and the charger are completely compatible with each other.

This maximizes the lifespan and the functionality of the battery, hence minimizing the regularity in which the batteries require to be changed. Purchasing the right charger for your battery not only gives convenience, it is also an eco-friendly practice and will help save you money on battery stocks in the long run.

Lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable have higher energy density and are capable of offering a longer charge to balance significantly high drain units from laptops to cameras. This particular charger is for Black & Decker lithium-ion batteries.

This kind of battery is also capable of containing their charge decently between uses and has a slower self-discharging rate. They have a complicated chemical setup though, which means they are volatile items and must only be used on devices with safeguarded circuitry, which the company does. This battery also does not require full discharge and can be used for a hundred times before requiring replacements.

The Black & Decker LCS36 is built to charge batteries from the company with 36v-40v rates. It can charge in under 2 hours depending on the kind of battery. It also includes an indicator light for charging which allows users to determine when the battery is charged.

The product has excellent construction due to the quality products it was made of. It is a heavy-duty unit so expect that the item will last and provide lots of usage for your batteries. It is also easy to use, all you have to do is pop in the battery and you’re done. The battery will not drop or fall over and the charging process is quicker than you think.


The LCS36 is a charger that lets you save up on battery stocks and it is also a convenient unit for homeowners to invest on for their B & D products. However, it will not charge a hot battery until the battery has completely cooled down. You have to wait for at least a good 30 minutes before you can slot the battery in the charger. It is still ideal to have a few extras on hand especially when you are trying to get things done.


One of the best advantages of having a charger is that it will save you money in the long run when it comes to battery supplies. Chargers made for particular manufacturer batteries will not damage the items as long as the user practices proper usage. The BLACK+DECKER LCS36 Maximum Fast Charger maximizes the durability, service, and lifespan of B & D batteries. Because the charger and the battery are compatible with each other, the optimal performance and lifecycle of the items are accomplished, minimizing the frequency in which the batteries will need to be changed.